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Design stunning slideshows mixing your photos with creative filters and effects
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One way of enjoying and sharing your best shots is by turning them into a pro-looking HD slideshow, complete with effects, filters, transitions, text, clipart, a soundtrack, and even a narration. PhotoVidShow offers you a comprehensive video creation tool that comes with all the features you need to build such a slideshow and to share it online or burn it to disc.

Despite its overall intuitive design, the wide array of features and settings that PhotoVidShow provides will demand from the inexperienced users more than just a few minutes. Making the most of its many possibilities and options may take you some time and a certain learning curve, though the results are certainly worth the effort. Building a basic yet enticing slideshow, however, can be done easily in just a few clicks if you leave all the hard work to PhotoVidShow. It will apply one of its many designs, a default slide duration to all the images and videos present in the timeline, and transition effects to smooth out the change of slide.

If you wish to go creative, though, it is wise to spend a few minutes checking the app’s many different designs, backgrounds, filters, borders, etc., and see which combination fits your presentation best. You can also apply different transition effects and adjust the slide duration to the content of each slide, turn some of your shots into dramatic black and white images, make them zoom in and out or whirl around the frame, add titles and cliparts with our without motion effects, add frames and borders, background music, and even record your own narration and sync it with the video stream seamlessly using the program’s timeline.

The photos themselves can also be edited without leaving the program in terms of color adjustment, cropping, orientation, and outline masks. Once you are happy with the results – you can use the built-in player to preview the entire video or to check any changes in real time – you can save it as a video file and share it easily with your friends and family, or create a fully-authored DVD or Blu-ray disc.

PhotoVidShow offers a wide range of creative designs and effects to help you produce stunning slideshows or presentations from your static photo collections. Though it allows you to produce quick-and-dirty yet nice-looking slideshows in just a few steps, I recommend you to take the time to explore and check all of its possibilities – they’re certainly worth trying.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Transition effects and creative filters
  • Add a music soundtrack
  • Add narration track
  • Customizable slide duration
  • DVD and Blu-ray authoring tool
  • Saves to popular video formats


  • Requires a learning curve
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